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Locating workflow fields in self hosted version of Bitrix24, I am having difficulties locating the workflow fields when creating business processes on the trial self hosted version after moving from the cloud based version. Help!
Hi so i have been using the cloud based version of Bitrix24 for a while and then decided to switch over to the self hosted trial version. My problem however is that i cannot locate the workflow fields on the self hosted version. In the cloud version i am given the option to preset my workflow fields before the creation of the actual workflow which acts as a document. However in the case of the self hosted version there is no business process settings before the creation of individual work flow processes and thus i can not locate the workflow settings. Below shows two images one with workflow fields found in settings tab which is found on the cloud hosted version of Bitrix24 and the next where there is no tab for settings on the self hosted version. How could i access the settings to preset the workflow fields? Its not found in control panel settings either for workflow or business processes.
Hi Rosanna,

Please contact our Helpdesk for the self-hosted versions. Thank you.


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