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How do we remove the following from an account
We want to remove the follloiwng from an account, by remove we mean the menus but also access (i.e. should not be able to just enter the URL string to open a page...)

Under Company:

Company Drive
Absence Chart
Work Report
Meetings and Briefings

How do we do that?

with best regards

Peter Skouhus  
Hi Peter!

In Intranet Settings you can remove Worktime, Work reports, Meetings & briefings. Company Drive (access permissions available inside) & Absence chart cannot be removed, I'm afraid.


Hello Yana

It makes no sense, there is no switch for worktime, work reports or meeting & briefings under Intranet Settings.


1. We are using the free month version. Is that the reason? i.e. its disabled in this version?
2. If not, can you guide us. We are very close to buy the system but we really need these things answerd.

Also, yesterday i mailed your sales team with 5 questions, I have not received any answer yet which I find strange as we are ready to spend more then USD 4000,-

Can you help us?
Peter, are you looking into Bitrix24 self-hosted version? (cloud & self-hosted versions are quite different)

Fo the cloud - this option is not available in the free trial, here is how it will look like:


Also - as for the email, could you please forward it again to us at this email address. Thank you.


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