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Awesome task view just needs one more capability ... click to dial
Just getting to learn Bitrix... In other crms I've avoided using tasks but they are pretty darn attractive in Bitrix.

I'll put my question here, details follow:

Q - Is there any way to move through a group of tasks where you can  click to dial the contact and then immediately (one click) move on to  the next task and repeat?

So I discovered that when there are multiple tasks in a view in My Workspace Tasks it's possible to cycle through them using the shaded arrows at far right and left of the screen. This is very useful if you have a number of tasks because you can instantly move from task 1 -> task 2 -> task 3 -> etc

If tasks involve customer followup and you wish to make a call to the crm contact associated with each task I see that when hovering over the contact name a bubble appears (which is great) but clicking the telephone gives the message that 'phone calls are not supported in this context'

Seems the same thing happens when the task is opened from within the CRM too, so it must just be a characteristic of a Task.

I presume there is a technical reason why this isn't supported, so I'm curious if there is some other way for a user to work through a list of tasks, making calls as they view each one.
Edited: Richard Siegmund - 01/26/2016 03:58:13
Hi Richard,

Unfortunately this scenario is not yet technically supported, thanks for the suggestion.


In case anyone is wondering, the view I was describing where white arrows appear to left/right of the task is only available by clicking a task while in Gantt view.  
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