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Things I'd like to see added to Bitrix Cloud, Things that REALLY need to be added to Bitrix Cloud

I have been a Bitrix fan and user for a number years working both with the Cloud version and the self-hosted version for a client. There are a number of features in the self-hosted version that Bitrix MUST add in to continue to be competitive agains products like Zoho, and vTiger etc.

1. Help Desk system - currently there is no way of effectively working with clients for a services type company, although we have tried. This feature is in the Self-hosted version. Was we use now to post tech issues would be perfect!!!  ;)

2. Forum - This also needs to be added into the cloud version

3. Knowledge base ,learning system - these would also be nice.

4. CRM Document attachment - Ability to have the Document store added directly to CRM objects

5. Contact Sync - Better real-time synchronisation with [insert cloud service here] contacts

6. Delete users - ability to completely delete a user/employee and an extranet user

7. Partner external user CRM access - Like Sales force (yuk) have an external partner or client have external CRM access so they can update leads and deals as well as see invoices and quotes specific to them.

I know there is a push from Bitrix to go "self- hosted" for these added features, but everyone is moving away form self-hosted to the cloud. To support the self-hosted version you need to have a good It administrator to keep things running, and in the market Bitrix is mostly aimed at, that is simple not an option cost wise.

I would like to see these features added as modules or actually make the enterprise version a real differentiator (which it's not at the moment ) with these features added, particularly help desk and the knowledge / learning module.

It's great to see that Bitrix is proactive in adding new features, but wiht the addition of the ones listed above, it would make it a truely awesome product and we could use just one solution not 3.

Anyway that's my 20 cents [or insert local currency here] worth!


Hi Rick,

First of all, thank you for taking time posting your suggestions here & thank you for staying a loyal Bitrix24 user for all of these years. Yes, we do understand the cloud popularity & obvious advantages that is why still working hard on the new updates. As for the suggestion to bring "self-hosted" options to the "cloud" - we see demand for some modules, such as Helpdesk, for example, but since such modules are deeply based within the control panel (not available in the cloud) - it requires the module to be developed basically from scratch for cloud users. What we are going to do here is concentrate our attention on the most demanded & strategically right updates for our users & move step by step. Please make sure your voice is heard here & we'll take it into account.


I would also VERY much like a Helpdesk, or at the very least an integration with a helpdesk with single sign on. Having a knowledgebase would be AMAZING. I am making due with an "everyone" workgroup and using the Wiki as a KB, with a task tempalte to a "Support" workgroup for requests, but this is obviously limited and hard to manage.

We're brand new to Bitrix, but it came highly recommended. We are a National organization with over 70 smaller regional chapters, and many of them will follow our lead on this.
Hi Bethany,

Thanks for the feedback. We are thinking about Helpdesk scenario for the cloud version, but nothing is scheduled yet. Stay tuned for next Bitrix24 update!


Thanks Yana. How often are the updates? We're loving it so far, just learning all the ins and outs.
Probably this summer (we don't have a date yet).


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