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Business process with physical document templates.

It is possible to do a business process with document templates?

Examples: For exemple an expense report...Let's say i have a dedicated pdf template on the company drive for this purpose. I want to do a business process similar with the existing Expense Report in Bitrix that automatically upload this pdf template and users must complete the pdf file and send it for approval. I want the completed pdf saved under different name and not altering my template. It is possible to do this? Or maybe with a business process starting from the document library?

Probably i can achieve this by using Lists, but it is possible with physical doc template?
Hi Mihai,

Yes, you can create one  as pre-made workflows in Bitrix24 Activity Stream > new message > processes. Users will open the file or have a link to open it & fill the pdf template, after that they will have to save the file on the computer & upload it to the workflow for further approval. You can hire one of our partners who will be happy to help with a workflow creation.


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