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ABRA G4 integration
Is there a way how to link Abgra G4 and Bitrix together via some API? I am okay with scripting ABRA.

Functionalities I am interested in
- export contacts from Bitrix CRM to ABRA
- link commissions between ABRA and Bitrix drive (each commission has it's own folder with blueprints, documentation etc...), wiki (storing and managing know-how), tasks (delegating sub-tasks).
- does Bittrix support ICS protocol in order to sync contacts and calendars?

I expect just some links so I can attach a task / file / wiki page to an existing commission so I can easily manage and search these attachments.
When you will have any information to ABRA Gx   -  bitrix24 , please send me this.
I also wait for any information to this :-)

Jaro Jasek
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