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CRM not shown in left menu, Although permission is granted, the CRM module is not visible for the user
On the left side of bitrix, there is a sectioned menu displayed (My Workspace, Company...) a newly invited user does not see the CRM section on this left menu, althought all access permissions have been granted (CRM -> Settings -> Permissions -> Access permissions)

If we type in the url: the user can see all the contents of the CRM module (we therefore assume the access permission works correctly) but as stated before no menu entry on the left is visible.

What might be the problem?
Edited: Roger Küng - 07/14/2016 19:22:01
Roger, what Bitrix24 version are you using?
Is there a limitation on the number of users for business tools?

<your domain>/settings/business_tools.php
limite bt.PNG (13.5 Kb)
Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
We currently are evaluating the on premise trial version.

We managed to fix it by adding the gadget to the dashboard (by going to the url .../crm then 'add Gadget' -> 'CRM' -> 'Leads') after that the CRM section on the left menu appeared.

So it seems like the state updated of the permission for that Group/User didn't get propagated to the left side menu
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