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Importing Companies with Multiple Branch Locations, What is the best way to go about this?
I have a list of companies from the Chamber of Commerce in my local community.  Many of these companies have multiple branch locations.  What do I need to do in order to get them to show up as the same company as opposed to a duplicate of a company?

What is the best practice for importing companies with more than one branch location?
Hi Ted,

You can either create 1 company with several contacts connected, each contact representing a location or create different name companies - e.g. My Company Singapore, My Company Brazil, etc. The problem is that companies cannot be connected to each other, Bitrix24 supports only contact-company connections at the moment. You can test both options to see wich one suits better.


Good morning:

for Companies with more that 1 branch we can add contacts for each one of this branches (as you said on prev comment). Now, if we want to add employees to this companies, these must be set as Contacts too? or is there any option to set these 2 features?

Companies -----> several branches -------> employees.

Hi Richard!

Unfortunately holding\branches structure for companies is not supported. Bitrix24 CRM has sections of contacts & companies, which can be connected to each other.


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