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language settings
hello, i´d like to use bitrix together with people that don´t understand english.
in an online test i saw a german version of bitrix. how can i switch the language setting to german?
thanks, caspar
Hi, Caspar!

Bitrix24 is available in three languages only: English, German, and Russian.
You can switch the language in the authorization form
Hi Guys,

I am facing this same issue with the latest bitirx desktop app. It do not have that language dropbox and after login the language is Russian.

Could you please help.

Edited: Akhil Garg - 06/18/2014 05:33:02 (Forgot image update)
Hi, Can you please advise your Desktop version number? Thank you!
Please advise also - if the user (s) log in to this Network section of the Desktop app - with their Bitrix24 login & password or via social networks tabs? Thank you.

My bitrix is on latest version

Login screen.

Could you please advice.

Could you please contact our Helpdesk to resolve the issue? Specify the desktop app version in your ticket.
Hello. I've just installed the Android app.
Couldn't find where I can change the language though. In the desktop version it's already changed. Can you help?

Hi Henrique,

It depends on your phone language settings,


I have problem with my Iphone app . I couldn't find the language settings on it . Could you please help me . My phone language is  English . Bitrix24 come up with Russian .
Hi Emrah,

Since your account is in KZ zone, please contact the directly. Thank you!


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