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Bitrix24 Hangs/Crashes, Please wait while the site is being brought back online
UPDATE: after submitting a support ticket it seems that the issue is related to 'task templates' and is currently being reviewed by the dev team.

We have several records that give us an error when we try to edit/save/delete them.

Attempts result in a Bitrix24 page that states "Sorry for the inconvenience, Please wait while the site is being brought back online"

No matter how long I wait, nothing happens.

This is an issue that seems to affect a few of our task records.

Any thoughts by anyone?
Edited: Cary Stein - 02/18/2017 22:27:50 (update)
Hi Cary!

Are you still facing the problem? What is your ticket number?


Yes I am still having the problems.

Support ticket # 1348319
I understand that developers are working on the issue, but was wondering if there was any timeline on resolution.

This is a very serious issue for us, and if we can't get this solved soon, we'll have to invest in a different service provider for our organization and the others we support.

Hope to hear from you SOON  
Our dev team is testing the fix at the moment, hope to be able to roll out it soon.


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