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Who is using Bitrix24 Cloud version?, Share info between us on best practice if we know who else is using Bitrix24 in our city or Country
Hi everyone, it would be great to know who else is using Bitrix24 in each Country so that we can share some info between us about best practice.
This is for Bitrix24 cloud version and I am in Sydney.
Anybody else from Sydney, NSW or Australia?
Hi Antonio!

You can check Bitrix24 accounts in real time on this map (of course you won't be able to find account details here due to privacy policy).


Hi Yana and Antonio,
I'm from Brazil, as we allways see that Bitrix24 says to people start to use it because is free, I also think that your ideia Antonio is very important and also usefull to people that use the free version, since has 2 functions, first we can know what is possible and what isn't and second we can know when we will need to change the free version to a paid version.
Yana this is usefull to users but is also usefull to company.
I think that all companies and professionals that are starting in Bitrix24 free need to uderstand e know what is the limits of a free version because they exists, like number of records in CRM or number of Funnel that can be created (if there is any, of course, this is only a sample)
Anyway could be very good that we could change experiences here.
I hope that we can.
Hi Jose, probably Jana knows more about limitation cause she represent  Bitrix24 and she knows the back end.
About me and the organisation I work for, we moved to a different version because offer more features.
We still have this issue and now is April .. Ticket 1299141 sync doesn't work and we are losing time and patience of our users who can't find their files on the cloud or on the desktop version
Hi Antonino Di Giovanni, we are in Auckland, New Zealand ( Quite happy with Bitrix24 Cloud, using commercial subscription. Happy to share our knowledge as well.

Hi Antonio your name seems to me like an Italian, if yes I'm also a decedent, my family comes from San Fili and are Calomeni's I do not use it.

Hi Andrey Grebenkov, how are you? I already saw your website, very useful, thanks.

Ok about the limitation Antonio, I know almost them but could be nice and useful if they right it in some place, this could help partners to sell a paid version. I work selling and consulting Bitrix24 since 2016 march.

About the question and or the propose that you did, they could also give us another answer and they could help a little bit more being more clear and also more simple.

I'm 62 years old, and I have been working since 1975 at the marketing business.

So maybe this, Antonio, can be our answer - just look it  - "Bitrix24 Network is a global network space for all Bitrix24 users. Each Bitrix24 account user has own Bitrix24 Network
and can communicate with other Bitrix24 users outside own account in global Bitrix24 Network (due to configured privacy settings)." This is a post from Yana (thank you Yana for this too)  "Your Company Open Channel In Bitrix24 Network"

I found this today and I will do some tests with it, also I will think (and maybe I already know) how my clients can use this to help them in their business. Relationships is the secret? Talk to people that does same thing that you maybe can help,


Jose Pinto

The biggest problem that we have and that hasn't been solved yet is the sync between desktop and cloud.
This doesn't work as it should and Bitrix24 doesn't have a very user friendly tool to check what has been skipped, how to give priority, etc. It also cancel your workgroups from your PC without any alert of what hasn't been synced

It is almost impossible to check what's going on.

Plus you can't call anyone to speak to someone about your issues, not even when you are on a professional plan.
They leave you on hold saying they are developing something for you but without saying WHEN exactly some new version that solves the problem will be released.

We loved it at the beginning because we thought it could solve lots of our problems but we are almost there to abandon this software because never received proper answers.
They only offer this support via email and THAT'S IT
Edited: Antonino Di Giovanni - 04/11/2017 01:46:29
The biggest problem that we have and that hasn't been solved yet is the sync between desktop and cloud.
We have considerably revised the stability of Bitrix24 Cloud & desktop app synchronization, including big files sync issues. The update is planned to be released April-May this year.
Thanks for bringing the issue up.


Dear Yana, we are still waiting for this issue to be solved.

Bitrix24 fails to sync

Bitrix24 fails to produce an user friendly report to be used in order to check all issues and workgroups/folders/subfolders/files effected.

Bitrix24 doesn't recognize files updated manually on the cloud version that matches those on the desktop version. Bitrix24 still spend hours trying to sync something that is already there and is exactly the same, plus fails to do so and start over and over again holding everything else per hours.

Bitrix24 doesn't provide any tools to give priority or keep on hold certain users, folders, workgroup, subfolders, files, etc. to be syncronized, so that other workgroups could be connected locally instead of waiting hours of faulty sync, etc.

Bitrix24 fails to sync big files for time-out that is not related to our infrastructure in house.

Bitrix24 doesn't have anyone to be contacted by phone or virtual chat in order to speak about the issue, despite we are on a professional plan. Bitrix24 only answer after a few days via email giving vague responses about this issue and promising new release dated for updated version and so on .... without solving this issue.

It is almost 1 year we are waiting for this issue to be solved (ID=1299141 that started with another ID).
Hi Antonio!

Thank you for your patience. We'll have a closer look at your problem (I need to get advise from our dev team) & I'll contact you back with details.


Dear Antonio!

Our support team is on your ticket & will try to do their best to resolve the problem.


Still waiting
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