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Quotes - no totals
Is it possible to create a quote that has no grand total? We do quotes like this:

Widget, 100 pieces, .95 per piece
Widget, 500 pieces, .90 per piece
Widget 2, 100 pieces, .50 per piece
Widget 2, 500 pieces, .27 each

While there are four line items, there are only two products. The price of the product changes with the bulk purchased. But a total of all those lines would be *wrong* on the quote. It makes it look like the total quote for the project is the total of all those lines. However, the total for the project will depend on what amount of each item they chose to buy.

I can't seem to figure out a way to turn off the grand total on quotes. Help?
Hi Anne!

Thanks for the sample, but this logic is not currently supported at the moment.


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