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New UI "Improvements", Not well considered.
While I appreciate your constant efforts to improve the interface for the product, the latest rollout seems ill-considered. I have not gone over every section; however, the tasks area, while looking cleaner, actually takes away fr om its ease of use. The in-progress tasks you have that are being timed do not stand out from the rest of the list at all -- particularly if you have a long list. If you are going to go with this design, I would suggest a green button background with a white triangle and dark grey text... see attached example that I quickly mocked up.

Further, unless I am missing something, it now takes two mouse clicks to mark a task as completed rather than one, and it is not obvious to the existing user wh ere that functionality lies. Making UI alterations that actually create a poorer UX isn't a great idea.
Edited: Derek Jiang - 06/14/2017 23:34:20 (weird text formatting)
Hi Derek,

Thanks for the feedback & suggestions, I've passed it to the dev team.


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