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Email notifcations in chats
I'm using the free version as we are trailing it for a client of ours. One of their requirements is that users will get an email notification when someone has added to a chat or discussion as they don't plan to be logged in and using Bitrix24 all the time but will need to know if someone has added to the chat even if they are not logged in.

I have gone into notifications but this option seems to be greyed out for chats. Is this because we are using the free version.
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Hi Dawud,

The reason for that is simple - the number of notifications for group chats can be hilarious. The person-to-person chat is a chat for two - here we can allow email notifications. But in case with group chats - imagine team of 10+ users (50, 100, 200, etc.) who send messages to the group chat & each message ends up as new notification in each user's mailbox. Since we do have a huge number of clients this option is disabled in purpose. We can consider your post as a suggestion to make a special settings option for commercial accounts, who want to have advanced possibilities for chat notifications configuration.


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