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How do I access the 30 days free support on a new free account?
When I go into the support area, it seems to suggest that if I search for "Bitrix24 Support" in the chat area, I should find the chat bot or person I should comunicate with to request support during the 30 days of support to get up and running. But when I search for this, nothing is found. Please advise on the best and easiest way to get a hold of support, so I can make the best of the 30 day period when I can get some help. Thank you.
Hello! If you are taking advantage of any of our commercial subscriptions or are using 30-day trial of Cloud Professional Plan you can use Bitrix24 Support Online Chat as well as available Helpdesk support via tickets. Both can be accessed here, in our Support section at this page

You can sign up for a free Bitrix24 Cloud Professional Plan trial inside your free Bitrix24 account under Subscription > Activate Trial

Please note that free 30-day assistance is not available in all markets at the moment.



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