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Product customization plugin

I've got a trouble regarding a functionality I need to implement in Virtuemart.

1. I have a product with 1000 sizes. I want to let the visitor choose the size in different steps. So first he chooses 1-99, 100-199, etc. And after that the user can pick 1-9, 10-19 etc.

2. Next I have a custom field that is the "Product code" field. This field gets filled automatically based on the custom fields they choose before, so size, weight, type, etc. I wengt through different resources checked Product Customization Video for help but wasnt satisfied.
I think it's possible with just a plugin, especially for the second one, the first one I don't know, maybe a custom custom field?
Please help me out .

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.
Hi Joe!

Please contact one of our partners with this request, they will advise the possible options & required customization. Thank you.


1. You can try to use custom fields for CRM forms.
2. We are working on new E-commerce options that will be available later this year.


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