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Publish some data into external (public) website

Is there any way that i can publish in a public html or php site, bits of data that are stored in bitrix?

For example:
I have a Wiki article on Bitrix that i want to publish in the external website so anyone can see it, but instead of having my people work on bitrix and on the site, they would work just on bitrix.

Direct ports would be awesome, but I can live with xml, html, php exports...

Any thoughts?

Thank you.
Hi Isaque!

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to publish the html or php site at the moment. Because user have to login to view the pages in the portal. It's possible to share the document stored in the Bitrix24 portal. To do that you have to select action menu of the document in the list - share this item.

I will pass your idea to the development department. But at the moment it's a security question which possibly want allow us to implement it.
Thank you Anna
I'll explore the sharing alternative.

I'll post the results soon

thank you
Hello again

The sharing alternative is good for files only.
If it worked with articles would be awesome.

i'll guess i'll have to find another way.

thank you
Hi Isaque!
Thank you for your feedback!
Yes, at the moment it works only with the files.
Bitrix24 was created mainly for the work inside the portal, but we'll discuss your suggestion. Maybe it's a perspective direction. Thank you!
I think there would be some value to be able to provide public links to work (docs, wiki, etc..) without forcing users to login into Bitrix24.  


Hi Paulo!

Thanks for suggestion, we'll think about it.


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