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Registration problem, incorrect checkword
Hi guys,
I'm the Bitrix administrator, Cloud Professional version. I've sent an invitation to one of my colleagues but he's able to complete the registration because the following text apperas "The checkword is incorrect".
He use Mozilla. He tried with Explorer too, maybe an old version, and in this case when he click n submit nothing happen.
Can you help me?

Hi Angela,

You may  receive this error in case if you have sent more than one invitation to this user and he is using the first (previous) one to log in. Please try to send him one more invitation and use only that last one to enter your Bitrix24 subdomain.
Please advise if this solution helped.

Kind regards,


I am experiencing this same problem. None of my users can login if they did not respond to the first invite. Multiple invites seem to fail even when trying to use the latest one.

Please advise how to fix the issue as soon as possible as my team is trying to make a decision on purchasing a subscription.

Hi Josen,

Please delete all the old invitations and after that -  send new ones - if the solution will not help, please contact our Help Desk asap.
Kind Regards,

For my user Kellen, I have already tried all of the old emails and sent new emails. Nothing has worked.
Hi Josen,

Sorry to hear that. In fact, only the latest (newest) email invitation should work, this type of error refer to the checkword used in the  link which you can find in the invitation letter, these links are different each time you send a new invitation, that is why only the latest invitation sent can be recognized by the system. Normally you should be able to click this latest email link and you will be transferred to the registration form.

If you are still experiencing difficulty with latest invitation email link - please contact our Help Deskasap. Thank you.


Dear Bitrix24 team,

Please advise my problem as below:

I have registered bitrix account but there is no registration email sent to my email. Now I cannot do anything with my account due to unregistered problem.

Please help. Thank you.

Please use this form to reset the password for your Bitrix24 & continue the process.


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