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Site export, HTML Export of Bitrix Intranet
Am I able to export everything (I am aware I can export the CRM) besides the CRM to an HTML file or such, similar to BaseCamp? I want to use Bitrix but if our company moves to another tool I would like to be able to have a copy of all the data I entered with Bitrix. I do own my Data, according to the Privacy Policy so I would like to know how to move/export it. : )
Unfortunately, we do not have such tool. Besides the CRM, it is possible to export users to CSV.
Probably, we will export other data (such documents, phogalleries, lists), if its amount is not huge.
Hi Ann,
Since we own our data I think it is important to have such a feature for backup our data. You can think of this as our own resource for backing up our operation. Even if you deliver several backup tools, it is important to us to ensure data is in our side as a backup.
Not that I am thinking about using it regularly, and I really like your software. But this is important for us to move on to a full usage of bitrix24.
Best regards,
Nuno Brás
Hello, Mr. Brás!

We pay close attention to the safety of your data. We save portal backups every day.
In case of data loss, you need to contact technical support and specify the date for which you want to restore your data, we will recover all information. But we only restore Bitrix24 instances, we do not provide backups as files.

Best Regards,
Why cant i export contact list to csv or outlook? when i try excel will open and nothing shows up.... This is an important feature I need to be working... Any help?

Please check if the 'Use in contacts export' option is checked in the contact editing form.
I notice when exporting the contact details in excel format, not all the details and data being exported. Is there limitation for free user or i done something wrong? Still testing the bitrix24 for the 2nd day.

Also some of the custom field in the contact was not appear in the export file as well. Please assist thanks

You need to add the custom fields to the contacts list columns, please see F.A.Q.


Regardless of how good your backup strategies are, I also think that a "complete site" export option should be a must have.

As already been said, the data is ours, so, a way to export it, so that we can use it in any other way, is very nice feature that will make some of us more happier, and it absence, can be a deal breaker for some.

Having this date is not only important for backup, but for many other uses, like maybe tomorrow you close operations, or the client decides to use a different software solution, or even the client cannot pay the rate anymore, or import to import that data in a different company application.

Thank you.

Hi Gervasio!

Thanks for the argumentation, we'll take your suggestion into account.



I would like to know if there has been any progress on this functionality?

Our company has just started using Bitrix and they have the same concerns as mentioned above by user Gervasio Varela

Please advise, thanks
Hi Zain,

We don't have short term plans for the complex intranet export option for the cloud, but we may add several additional export options for particular intranet sections.



I have the same concern as Gervasio Varela and Zain Mollagee. I want to be able to download ALL my info. I am enriching my data on a daily basis, and want to be able to download it ALL.
Another example where ALL data would be handy: I uploaded my contacts database, dtarted working, and a week later I found it was better to change some of the comments (which where uploaded, but also typed in manually) Since the list is long, I wanted to download the list, make the changes in bulk in the CSV file, then upload it once more. Unluckily, the field I want to change cannot be downloaded, So am I forced to do it all be hand ;-(  ??
I presume you have no immediate plans to make this function since you are worrying about client lock-in. I would argue that excellent service, great functionality, good flexibility and ditto prices is enough to keep us client at Bitrix. Holding my data for ransom is not.
I did not research whether you have a paid service to be able to download ALL data and allthough it would feel silly to pay for my own data, I would greatly prefer a paid option, then have no option. If you already have this option: please point me to it.

Roy L.
No remarks?

I ran into a similar problem yesterday. An import contained several companies double (siglhtly different name too), but with other comments.. What I would like to do is export ALL, remove my whole base, then clean using Excel or something and re-import.

Something like this would be possible?

Roy L.
Hi Roy!

1. You can manage your data yourself with the self-hosted solution, we don't have full data export for the cloud available at the moment. (there is no technical tool developed for that)
2. You can select all CRM records of same type (e.g. all leads) and delete them or use duplicate search.


Hi Yana.  We're starting to get into Bitrix24 (which has improved immeasurably since the last time I looked at it a few years ago!) - but I have one big reservation.

If we get to the point where we want to pay for the self-hosted solution, will we be able to move our online instance *perserving all data, task descriptions etc.* from the online service to the hosted service?
Hi Ben,

All your Bitrix24 cloud data will be transferred to the your self-hosted solution with the Helpdesk team (the migration is performed with our help). Details here.


FYI We're just starting to look at the cloud solution, but the fact that our data would be held captive (ie no export) is a big red flag to us when evaluating products. We must have a way of getting the data out, even if it's "not pretty"
Hi Andrew,

There are several sections of Bitrix24 which you can export - e.g. CRM lists of leads, contacts, deals, tasks, tasks & CRM reports, files can be automatically synchronized to your computer local folder (via My Drive & desktop app), calendar synchronized with external calendars, employees list can be exported.



I have to say I agree with everyone else here your business model should be one where your client retention is based on the software being that good that your client base wants to stay. It is a huge investment in time learning and onboarding users. I don't feel comfortable with you having total control over what is MY DATA. The consensus seems to be almost or is 100% in favor of having an export feature for ALL the data. It seems like the suggestions are falling on deaf ears. Like the other gentleman said.. "Big red flag"
Hi Greg,

Thanks for the feedback, just in case you may be interested Bitrix24 is available as a self-hosted solution as well (in this case you will have access to all your date & even product source code).


My Question is related.
How do i select ALL contacts and export them?
As far as i can see i can only select the contacts of the current view page and export them. The maximum number of shown entities seems to be 200. what when we have thousands of contacts? how can i export them all in one go into a Excel sheet for instance?

Hi Frank,

You should be able to export all contacts - by clicking export - by default. The problem with export may be connected with "include in export" option for contacts (can be found in each contacts form). You can do the following: under the contacts list click "for all" and in the actions menu select "include in export" - apply. Try to export again.


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