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Questions email privacy - group, email group user privacy task
Dear All

First I really want to congratulate you for the overall dev that we can use free of charge or at a very small cost

I am a new user and have spend numerous hours testing most of the crm/intranet on the market and now many on bitrix24 and I must say that without bitrix24 i would not have used any of them so well done

we are a CPA firm based in the USA with 2 offices
we have lots of different client and within the firm
Different Department:
Management , Accountant , Admin and marketing

questions and ideas

1) Import contact and organization fr om 'vtiger' : is the re a tool to do it quickly with all the personalize field that we have imputed or the best is to create the new field on bitrix24 then do a cvs export fr om vtiger then import in b24
we have a lot of field related to tax type of company type of client ...
2) Privacy : the management is sending email or meetings or task to client (contact) : we need to make sure that only the management can see those emails and we would like ideally to sel ect what can be views by others or not
there might be a way to do it in contact or on the feed
3) Quickbooks : do you think there would be a way to import invoice fr om quickbooks in the software with status in the future or to link it to quickbooks directly
4) Task Management : we have tried lately a software called ASANA (worth trying it) and i must say for task management i have never seen anything better and easier : what is great in it is that you can create a task scenarios with subtask and duplicate it for all your clitn with same scenario then you can affect with reminder to your staff each individual subtask with email reminder and information once complete
I di not find a way to duplicate complete task and subtask
5) Type of field : where can i find explanation on type of field what they do
6) Client portal : are you planning to dev or maybe it is done somewh ere like : vault wh ere we could exchange data with cleint securely : tax returns... that would be great for a CPA firm and other : we could load document and share them with an external user
I have done on in php but again that makes 2 different software to use rather than one
7) Gmail apps / Email integration : what is the best way in your view to use the email system : in our company most use outlook 2010/2013 some only gmail pro so we could keep track of all email that we want to share professionally
8) let say we have an email a client with email in our database send an email to john ho do track it in the cleint history how do we attache this email what is the procedure to keep track of history
once again we want to select who view what
9) is there a way to keep track of feature under dev coming soon?

I would be glad to see your comment on how you would see an accounting firm operated with bitrix as I believe that should become a must use

that is it for the first post

i hope that is not too much and not too many things has already been done

Edited: Cyril Darmouni - 01/26/2014 23:52:52
Thank you for the detailed feedback and suggestions.

Please find the answers below:
  1. To import contact and organization from 'vtiger' please do a cvs export from vtiger and then import it in Bitrix24.
  2. The CRM privacy can be set in CRM>Settings>Access  Permissions . Please find more infohere
  3. We do not have Quickbooks integration at the moment, we have plans to add it.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. Please note that you can create a task in My Worspace>Tasks section and bind it with several CRM entities (click Full Task form>More).
  5. You may find thisTraining Course helpful
  6. Try Bitrix24Extranet- The Extranet provides a secure, separate space wh ere workgroups can be shared with third parties such as clients, partners, and service providers
  7. As for My Workspace email integration - please note that we have only an email-connector now, which means you can connect to your personal email account in Bitrix24.
  8. About CRM email integration  - please read more about the scenario here and about Total Management of email correspondence via Bitrix24 CRM here.  The emails and other CRM entities details will be visible to users due to the CRM Access Permissions settings (see  question 2)
  9. Our plans for new features release are part of our confidential policy.
Hope you will find the answers helpful. Thanks for taking time writing the post, your opinion is important to us!

Kind Regards,


thank you for your prompt answer
regarding questions 2 The CRM privacy can be set in CRM>Settings>Access  Permissions . Please find more infohere

I have been trying to put one of my employee as head of dept with contact read personal but then he can not see any contact

what i simply want is within contact he can see the contact details but not the communication
maybe i am using it in a wrong way but ideally it would be great if you dev add under contact leads or company the same option but with Message Task Meeting Call E-mail with same idea as you are doing it now
view personal...

can you let me know your point of view

Hi Cyril,

Interesting suggestion - we haven't got much demand on this option yet, but we will think about it.

Thank you!

Best Regards,


once again I believe this is useful as everybody needs to see the contact details but you do not want an employee to se a financial proposal send by email or a private conversation about a specific issue


Dear Cyril,

Thank you so much for the suggestion itself and the detailed explanation and argumentation, because that really gives our Dev Team the scenario of how exactly this feature will be integrated in everyday routine.

Best Regards,

How does your quickbooks invoice integration timeline look like? Also, Couldn't google spread sheets be in your market place for lead import? A lot of people use squarespace for their website, and they store forms in google sheets :-)  
Hi Sandra,

Thanks for the suggestions!

Currently we have Xero integration app developed by our partner. Also Bitrix24 REST API is available.


There has been some time that has passed since this question was posed, by does Bitrix24 now integrate with Quickbooks Online? I need this integration and it is a deal breaker in the process of selecting my company crm software.

We have considered this integration before, but haven't decided positively on it yet. Thanks for the vote.


B24_14114621 wrote:
does Bitrix24 now integrate with Quickbooks Online?
Hello! At the moment, we can inform you that integration with Quickbooks Online is in development and testing stage; it will be available sometime later in the fall of this year. Stay tuned!


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