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i was just wondering how often a backup is made of each cloud?
just in case something bad were to happen to our bitrix, how can we restore it?

Hi Zac :-) ,

Bitrix24 Cloud backup is made every 24 hours, which means if something bad happens with your account - it can be restored via our Help Desk by official demand from your admin.


in the price/comparison table ( it is stated that backup/restores are not allowed for the PLUS version.
On the other hand, here ( it is stated that backups can be restored if you are a paying customer.

Can you please advise? Does a Plus customer needs to upgrade to standard or professional version in order to recover his data?

Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
Hi Ronaldo!

Thanks for bringing the topic up - the FAQ article has been published before we've added the new Plus plan, we'll update this FAQ information. Please note that each cloud account is backed up daily, but in case you have deleted any information & would like to have your account rolled back - you need to have active Standard or Professional plan subscription. The account back up restore is performed manually by our Helpdesk team - you can contact them for more details.


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