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Import pages from mediawiki

we started to use bitrix in our company a few days ago.
i want to import all the pages from our old wiki mediawiki
the problem is that after the export to mediawiki i didn't succeed to import the pictures from there and the content doesn't look like in media wiki
also there are many pages in our old wiki and i'm looking for the best way to import all the content to bitrix
i will appreciate if you could assist with this issue
Hi Nofar,

We do not have a wiki import to Bitrix24 Cloud, please have a look at our Training Course on Bitrix24 Wiki.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,

thanks for your quick response,
i know that you don't have an import from wiki but you have an import of csv files
if i will create csv with all the wiki content it supposed to be ok, no?
but i don't know how to create the csv so it will include the pictures..
and also i don't understand all the information block wiki fields types.. is there a place with explanation about the fields, sections, properties ext..?

thanks  a lot
Dear Nofar,

We do have an import in CSV for Bitrix24 CRM section - such as import of contacts\leads\companies\deals list. The CSV is a format you may "save as" your usual Excel file (Save as>file type> CSV).  

Bitrix24 Workgroups Wiki section does not currently support import.

I guess to be more specific with my answers I need to ask you what task are trying to solve - do you need to import some training course to Bitrix24, or sales information, leads, etc and to wich Bitrix24 section - workgroup, CRM, etc - so that I can assist.

Thank you!

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are already using Bitrix24