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Update workgroup calendar, Update workgroup calendar via business process
Good morning,

I'm attempting to set up a business process in Bitrix24 which will upd ate a Workgroup calendar with the appointment date/time, lead name and responsible user as set in a Lead.
I've se t up the workgroup calendars with no trouble but am having trouble using the calendar events in business processes.

I can input all the relevant data to add to the calendar but cannot select a workgroup calendar for the data to be posted to, it is applied to the responsible persons calendar, not the overall workgroup.

Is this functionality supported?
many thanks,
- Tez Grant
Hi Tez,

Please contact our Help Desk with this request. Thank you

Thank you Yana,

I have contacted the help desk but haven't yet received a reply.

- Tez
Dear Tez,

Unfortunately this option is not available as was advised by our support team, but thanks for the suggestion.

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