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Archiving Workgroups, Archiving Workgroups
If you archive a workgroup, are you able to later on go back to look at it or re-activate?
Hi Cindy,

If you'll move the group to the archive - it still will be available from the archive section (all workgroups>archive) and you'll be able to move it back from the archive to the workgroups lists at any time (workgroup parameters>move to archive).

Thank you Yana!
How to Archive work groups?  
Actions > Group parameters > move to archieve


There is no group parameters in the current Actions dropdown. Just group actions.

Can you update this post on how to archive a workgroup?

Nevermind, I found it.  It has been moved to "Edit Group", then check the "Archive Group" box at the bottom as shown here.
Hi Yana, how does the archiving affects the Storage Quota we have in Bitrix24 Cloud? When I archive a Workgroup, the Drive files and its weight still counts towards the Storage Limits right? Please clarify. Thanks in advance. Otto.
Hi Otto!

Yes, archived groups are countered as storage.


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