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Deal Parameters

I am wondering if there is a parameter setup that can display the name given to a deal under the CRM?
Hi Jon,

I'm afraid - I don't understand your question. Where exactly do you want to see deals names? If under CRM>Deals - you want to see deals names inside deals list - please click edit list (on the deals list top panel)>list columns>deals name apply.

Hi Yana,

Sorry about that, I should have clarified.

Using the bitrix REST API, there is a parameter called "COMPANY_TITLE". I have setup a business process that automates tasks, and I can insert  {=Document:COMPANY_TITLE}
to display the name of the company linked to the task.

My question is, is there a parameter like "COMPANY_TITLE" in the REST API that allows me to display the name of the Deal the task is linked to?
Hi Jon,

Please contact our Help desk withn this REST API question please.
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