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custom CRM contact page

I need to add a section in contact page that display some data from our DB related to our business model.

A contact can have multiple subaccounts and each of them have different revenue that a sales need to track it

Is it possible, either in hosted (free for 12 users), or in self-hosted ?

Its like having multiple sub account in a bank, a sales need to see each sub account balance, tied promotion, etc.

So contact Mr. AA for example, he can have 3 sub accounts, one is checking account generating 50$ revenue,  another is kinda "time deposit account" but have lower balance, another is investment account that fee-based, and so on. The balance is updated almost realtime, so it is not ok to sync it via cronjob

I see that integration at competitor product, but they don't offer self-hosted package

Please contact our partners with this scenario details - they will advise. Also you may be interested in these links:

Rest APIfor Cloud
APIfor self-hosted version

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