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Email formatting, The size of characters in an output message cannot be checked and very often is actually terrible
I have the need to vary characters size in outgoing emails, so I've tried to use the options in the standar editor (xx-smal, x-small, ...), and I've found two distinct problems:
1) the formatted message could not be seen as formatted and so checked before its forwarding
2) the formatted message often looks terrible and messed up, even if I choosed to reduce or enlarge the characters for just a paragraph, or a signature: I mean the "format" effects hits areas that shgould not involved in the requested format.

One of the consequences is that currently I'm obliged to use a plain email template, with no formatting (size) options, otherwise the entire message compiled from a "formatted" templatre is at risk (and sometimes I've sent orrible formatted message, but discovering so only after the message has been sent....:o )
Hi Sergio,

Thank you for reporting, I''ll pass this information to our dev team.

I am also struggling with formatting email templates.

What I see in the Bitrix24 interface is not what comes out the other end, once a template is used and sent.
Font type, sizes and spacing are inconsistent and 'what you see' is not 'what you get'
Inserting images is so confusing that I could not manage and adding links into email signatures on templates is also buggy.

It would also be very helpful if existing templates could be copied so they can be edited to fit a different group without having to start from scratch.

Am I missing anything? Is there a work-around?

This is a real let-down in the detail, when the system in principal is so well thought out.
Hi Susanne!

Thanks for the observations, I'll pass them to the devs.


Do we have any updates regarding this? We have been struggling with the formats of the mail being sent out.

I'm using Outlook 2013 and I'm sending an email to a Gmail account viewed via their web site. I'm getting a copy of the email I sent out via Bitrix24 to my Outlook.

The default mail, without any formatting, looks fine in Gmail, where the default font seems to be Arial, but it looks very unprofessional in Outlook, where it becomes Times New Roman.

I read that you would need to use a template to make the emails look more consistent, but if anything, it becomes a lot more unpredictable.

I created a template, set the body to Verdana, and sent an email. While the font was consistent, the size was not, as you can see from the uploaded image.

As you can see, the Outlook font is noticeably larger. So I changed the font size in the template to Small. However, the font reverted back to its default (Arial for Gmail, Times New Roman for Outlook) and the font is smaller than what it looked like from the template and while I'm composing the email. Changing the font of the template back to Verdana proves to be futile as the font keeps reverting back to the default. Changing the font directly during email composition is just as futile as well.

Is there a way to make the behavior of the email formatting functionality and templates more consistent? While the email integration functionality is a fantastic functionality, the inconsistency in the formatting makes us think twice from using it in order to avoid sending out unprofessional-looking emails.
Edited: Jerome Asuncion - 01/28/2016 06:03:07
Hi Yana

I have the exact same issue and have posted a similar problem on the forum. Sending emails from the bitrix24 CRM has a number of frustrations.

setting up templates also is very dificult as the font size colour and type is not easy to set and only changes when you save the template. the sent email template looks completely
different when received especially on font and colour and spacing.

The other problem is sending to spam or junk and bounced emails - there is no return path for a bounced email when sent from within the CRM and this is a big problem.

The upside is you can add pictures as html properly rather than outlook which sends them as attachements so that email signatures wiht a logo are easy to do in Bitrix24.

I am currently sending emails from outlook and BCC copy to bitrix crm email address so that I get a copy in the CRM - the return email I will have to send to the CRM as well but this is
more tricky as you have to put the [LID#0-0] or contact ID in the subject line to ensure it ends up wiht the crm record.

I would much rather send from within Bitrix but cannot see how I can do this reliably as the email templates are impossible to work with

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the details, unfortunately we don't have plans for the Mail in the CRM updates for the spring release, but we'll consider these for future changes.


This are BASICS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started to work with Bitrix and the eMail templates in are really a big nightmare. So I agree fully to Jerome Asuncion.

Hope they will change ASAP this problems. At present, you can´t send eMails to your clients - they will sneer you ...
Hi Dominic,

Thanks for the feedback.


Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi Dominic,

Thanks for the feedback.



Hi Yana,

you see, that a lot of your user have problems with formatting size, font and the view how a recipient see this mail.

Are you working at this issues? When can we expect a solution from Bitrix24?

That would be very helpful for us and for sure for all your other Bitrix users too which want to use HTML eMails ...

Please make Bitrix better - I like Bitrix very much but this issue is very disturbing for your users and this should be solvable for your brilliant software developers, or?
We are considering several improvements, but it is not scheduled yet.


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