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Call Reports, See quantity of attempted calls made, amount of minutes per agent and overall team
Is it possible for a sales manager to run a report that shows the daily/weekly/etc. call activity of a specific sales agent or a team of agents?

For example:
- minutes of phone time per user (using b24 dialer) and/or entire team over a given period of time (day/week/etc)?
- call/dial attempts per user in a given period of time
- quantity of notes put into the CRM by a certain user/team over a given period of time?
Hi Sam!

In CRM>Reports>Activity report>Manager's activities -  you can construct an activities report, where general amount of calls (quantity of calls, not duration) performed can be viewed for the set period of time. That's all for now. Thanks for your suggestions.

Kind Regards,


Can you be more specific on HOW to contruct the actual report?
Is there somewhere that helps you understand the elements of contructing the reports?
Hi Steve!

Please see the  Reports overview in our Training Course. In your Bitrix24 CRM>Reports you already have several pre-made reports templates (e.g. Activities reports - manager's activities, etc) - you can edit these reports or create new ones from scratch. For example, you can copy the manager's activity report & delete other activities - e.g. leave only calls & add more fields there. Please note that the Reports are quite limited to show the calls statictics, you can find calls details here: Telephony>Balance & Statistics>itemized Bill (click employee's name if you need to see his\her calls in partcular) You can also see calls in CRM>My Activities>filter by call type & reponsible person.


Hi is it possible in the activity report to have a column recording the average duration of calls per manager?
Vincenzo Cultrera wrote:
Hi is it possible in the activity report to have a column recording the average duration of calls per manager?

Hello! As you might know, calls logs can be found in Telephony> Balance & Statistics> Itemized Bill. When reviewing the call details, you can see the duration of a call, made by a manager. Unfortunately, the average call time per manager is not available at the moment.

Best regards,


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