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Testing Inbound/Outbound SIP Calling
We are trying to test inbound/outbound calling for our organization using B24. It says there are free minutes for testing but testing is failing. It now says 'buy the module to make outgoing calls".

Do we need to purchase this to enable testing your platform?
Hi Sam!

Please submit a ticket to our Helpdesk with error screenshot. Thank you.

Kind regards,

I have submitted tickets with copy pastes of the error messages and they simply said they couldn't help us configure it. There is something clearly wrong with the system and this is the final area of B24 that we need to confirm before we move our entire organization over. We have even purchased the sip connector but it is not working properly.
Can you please advise your ticket number?
We have two accounts as we are testing. Not sure which account it was under.
I am having almost similar issues. We are trying the SIP connector through our cloud hosted PBX. Our call incoming through bitrix is working but the outgoing call does not work, everytime i try to make a call, it says you have dialled a wrong no. Spoke to a member of the support team but nothing was sorted, i was only told that there is problem with my IP telephony provider (Blame Game!), i contacted my IP telephony provider, they said there is no restrictions, i can make call anywhere. Dont know what to do now.
Hi B24_2530267!

Unfortuanetly we cannot technically test all available cloud solutions, please try to check the settings & try again.


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