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Custom domain question
Currently we use outlook custom domains but since we need more users we are looking into migrating to Bitrix24. My question is: once we switch the MX records, the new mail will start arriving at the new inbox.  However, is there a way to export the messages that have been in for the past two years and import them to the bitrix24 mailbox?
Hi Petar!

Bitrix24 Mail service is provided by our partner - Yandex Mail, so each of Bitrix24 can go inside hiher own bitrix24(yandex)mail account & click the option "import mail from other accounts". That is what this option allows:

You can forward incoming mail from other email accounts to your Yandex.Mail inbox. To do this you must first set up a connection between your Yandex.Mail account and your other POP3 or IMAP mail accounts.

If your question was about a centralized way for the Bitrix24 admin to import all (incoming\outgoing emails) email correspondence for all company's employees - such option is not provided.


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