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Email in Bitrix Mobile App

Cause I cant use my own Domain to manage my emails inside Bitrix24 AND my current mail client (Apple Mail). I need to know if I could manage my emails inside the iOS or Android app from Bitrix?

Thank you.
Hi Dylan!

Bitrix24 mobile app does not provide a Mail option inside the Bitrix24 app, because in Bitrix24 web interface  Mail section is a connection between Bitrix24 & Mail client (gmail, Bitrix24 own name (provided by Yandex, etc.) , which means the Mail option in the mobile app should redirect you to the mail client, which can be diffrent for different Bitrix24 users - gmail, yandex (for, or other)
For own email addresses you can install Yandex.Mail app at your phone & log in with your email address.


Hello Yana,

When will there be the feature to manage emails inside Bitrix with an iMap connection? So i can also use my current mail client (Apple mail, iOS mail app)?.

Cause this means, when I connect my own domain to Bitrix to manage emails. I can not check my emails on my smartphone?

Thank you.
I've added your vote for this option, unfortunately can't advise about the plans for it now, Thank you!


Thanks for sharing .
I vote for the mentioned option as well (manage emails inside Bitrix with an iMap connection so we can use our current mail client (Apple mail, iOS mail app)

Just to be sure, the IMAP and POP options below via yandex mail servers does not work for our own company domain (like, which is connected to bitrix24 right now)?

thanks for your answer, Yana.
Hi B24_1373073,

Your mail client should work correctly with yandex mail.
Please send more information to our Helpdesk if it does not. Thank you.

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