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Email integration is flaky., Email integration only sometimes works.
I have a dilemma with the email integration side of bitrix,
I have set up yandex to be our mail host as opposed to our domain/cpanel.
Majority of the emails work and can send and receive emails, some don't work though.
For example, i'm an IT employee at the company that uses bitrix, my email works fine, our general contact@ email works fine.
Its certain ones like apply@ bounces back, and no one with apply@ linked to their emails receives these.

I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong.

Here's the steps I take.
1. Add email address to cpanel.
2. Add email address in bitrix.
3. Set up someone's account to receive the emails from that address.

Also our CRM email sends out emails but won't receive replies.
Hi Joel!

Please contact our Helpdesk with details (exact email addresses and problems). Please attach to your ticket the sample email (with from\ to fields) which have not been attached to the corresponding CRM records. Thank you.


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