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Email Templates, Fields don't get populated

When I send a message to a group from Contacts, the greeting field don't get filled in with their first names. In my template I have ins erted the appropriate field in the body of the message. But when it is delivered to the intended recipient it still shows #CONTACT.NAME#. I found a old post with similar question but there was no answer given.  go to Post #3

Please see attached images.

Process I take to send to a group is as follows:
  • select the recipients
  • from 'Action' drop down (on the bottom of page) select 'Send message'
  • on the Send message pop-up select the template
  • and Send
Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your time.

Edited: Bhatiya Jayasuriya - 04/01/2015 21:18:43
Hi Bhatiya!

This option is not currently available for mass mailing. I'm afraid,


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