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Email Formating, Email viewing in CRM
I am using send and saving with an email address for the CRM so that emails are arriving in the CRM against the lead / contact /deal

This is working but I am struggly to read the emails as the formatting has completely gone from the email and all that is left is a string of words, This is particularly dificult to read if
you forward an email to the crm from outside that contains a number of emails in the corrispondence - it all gets merged into one long string of words

even the footer on emails that normally contains legal disclaimer now becomes part of the email and makes it difficult to read.

I am not sure what is happening as other emails sent from within the CRM seem to format OK

It is very important to have all emails relating to a client in the same place and currently I am having to do both storage of emails in Outlook and also in Bitrix

Any suggestions please?

Capture.PNG (53.48 Kb)
Hi Richard!

Unfortunately it depends on our visual editor - if the reply email has a complicated formatting - the system won't recognize it & will put it all together in a string format. This may be changed only with the main visual editor ugrade.


Hi Yana

In order to make the CRM work for all comunications it is very very important to have all the prospect/client email communications visible in one place

I am trying to move all my email communications to bitrix24 but this problem of formating is going to stop me in my tracks as I cannot read the emails

When is this problem going to be fix or the visual editor (whatever that is) upgraded please?

Is there another way to link outlook to the CRM/ Maybe i am missing something here

many thanks

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are already using Bitrix24