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Bitrix24 email, Has anyone got a bitrix24 email address to work
We are new to Bitrix and trying things before we decide to give them money :)

I have created a Bitrix24 email address and sent a test email to it. And I keep getting a receive error - I have raised a ticket with High priority but had no response (not too impressed with that).
I have tried sending an email from within Bitrix and it says fill out the to field when there is clearly an address in there.

So. can anyone tell me if this works??
Hi Mike!

Can you please share screenshots for both scenarios? Would love to help but it's difficult to understand what the problem is about. Thank you!


Attached - eventually.

Why on earth can I NOT upload word documents!! Only application I have ever come across that says word is an invalid format
To Bitrix.jpg (372.04 Kb)
From Bitrix.jpg (266.42 Kb)
According the second screenshot you are trying to send a message to the address not listed in Bitrix24 CRM, which means you need to create a lead, contact or company with this email address - and sent the email after, the email activity will be recorded in the CRM item's detaisl form.

As for the first screenshot - mailboxes are provided by our partner - please check if your mail server does not block the outgoing messages for these IPs, if not - please check the mail help section - & contact their support if failed to find a solution)



I am also using few many functions before planning to buy off....
I am facing issues to integrate with our domain. When i attach my main domain - it says  " this domain already in use "

What does it mean please? How to fix it, so we can try testing via official domain.

I have already messaged Support-Desk, have not heard back. Please advise.
Hi Owais!

Unfortunately I can't help here with own domain name issues - please wait for the Helpdesk reply, I'm sure they will help to sort it out. (looks like same name domain has already been attached - either your previuous attempt failed or somebody else is using same domain -  the support team will check it from their end & fix if this is a tech issue). Thank you for the patience.


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