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Email integration for multiple users, CRM/Settings/Send&Save Integration problems
Hi all,

We have two users, Karyn and Nigel.

We would like both users to be able to have email integrated into the CRM such that:
1) incoming emails attach to leads where they exist (easy enough to do)
2) they are not deleted from the server (again - easy)

The problem we currently face is that we are only able to set up Bitrix CRM to receive emails from one OR the other user, but not both.

Karyn set up the integration under her login and it worked for her (per the two rules above), and when I went in to set mine up her details were populated in the form (image below, redacted for security reasons).
I then updated those details to my email address, login etc, and it worked for me, but I unwittingly stopped Karyn's email integration from working.

In CRM/Settings/Send&Save Integrations it seems we are updating global, not individual user settings? Can someone please let me know what we should be doing differently?

Thanks and Happy New Year!
email_setup.jpg (81.36 Kb)
Hi Nigel!

Bitrix24 CRM email integration is provided for only one email address - meaning this should be a common email address (e.g. info@, sales@, etc.) Please note that your users can resend the emails they receive to their own email addresses to the Bitrix24 - integrated email address - please read more here.



I think this would be really helpful thing to be associated to the individual user, rather than a global address.

While I see the value of having, for example, as the main incoming email people buy from people.  It is extremely rare that we get incoming sales enquiries from our global mailboxes.  More often than not one of our team have met somebody at an event and they are then contacting direct using the email address on their business cards.

So the options I would suggest are:

  1. A proper integration with systems like Gmail etc whereby emails are sucked into the system and can be selectively associated to a deal and/or project, and are matched to a company/contact based on the incoming email address

  2. If #1 isn't feasible, making the Send&Save settings based on the user object, not on the global configuration - better still set it up automagically if someone logs in with a Google account which has an associated mail account, if the user accepts.
  3. Have an option to make an email private rather than public (or some way to not import the email at all/remove it from Bitrix)
At the moment it is really quite clunky in the way this works - it could be so much more powerful :)

Ruth Cheesley
Virya Group Limited
Hi Ruth!

Thanks, we are thinking about what we can do in this direction.


Hi Yana,

I understand that Bitrix24 CRM email integration will be provided for all user email addresses in 2016.  Do you have any time line for this ?

Hi Bernard!

Yes, we are currently working on this, hope it will be available soon. Stay tuned!


Hello Yana,

Good news, thanks.

However will it be hosted within Bitrix24 (not through Yandex web mail) ?  If yes, then this is really The Feature everyone is waiting and looking for.

What I've meant is CRM email integration that currently works as one email address for 1 Bitrix24 portal - we plan to give each user of the portal CRM the possibility to bind his\her own email address to the CRM. Any email address. This option is scheduled to be released this summer. Stay tuned!



I see you added this feature but now I'm confused. Is there now one company email option (common inbox for all users) and one personal email option for each user?
Hi James,

Yes, as admin you can add one common email address for CRM integration for all CRM users.


So I can add a common email address and then each user can add their personal email address? I only see one option.

Where do I add the common address?

Where do we add our personal address?

Each user should be able to add own email address, read more here.

Please contact our Helpdesk for details.


I already read that. So where do I add the common email address account?
Bitrix24 administrator should go to CRM>Settings>Email>Email integration. Users can open Email Integration Options (click on own profile photo in the right top corner & choose Email Integration Options). When users will add their mailboxes there,  there is an option called CRM integration - they should enable it.


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