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Using Skype for phone calles
How do we disable telephone for everybody as we are using Skype? We basically do not want it to show up in our menus. We use Skype for all our phone calls. We tried to configure Bitrix24 so that when you click a phone number it will automatically call through Skype, we used the following prefix:  callto://+[phone]

It did not work, does anyone know how to fix that?
I am having the same problem - clicking on the telephone number takes me to the Bitrix24 telephone IP service and I want to use my Skype account

How do I do that?
You should have Skype installed & when clicking on the number itself, you should get:

If you have ever before clicked "do nothing" & remember for skype request for chrome, the browser will remember this preference. You need to look in the Chrome (or other browser) settings.


Hello Yana

I have setup callto://+[phone]

but it does not work for me. Is that the correct format?
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are already using Bitrix24