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Checking Voicemails + SIP, How can voicemails be checked from a SIP phone?

We have a SIP phone system set up with a SIP connector.  On our original phone system, we could dial *99 to get to listen to voicemails. Unfortunately, the only way we can figure out how to listen to voicemails is through the Bitrix site, which is rather inconvenient.  (We can't even listen to them from the apps on any device.)  Is there a way to listen to voicemails from a SIP connected phone?  Thanks.

Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately you can listen to your voicemail records only in Bitrix24.


How do you get a notified that a voicemail has been left and also how to listen to just voicemail, I can only find way is to go through all calls in my My Drive or go through My Activities, but it doesn't show as voicemail left?
Hi Gareth,

Telephony > Balance & Statistics > Itimized Bill > click on the skipped calls (active status) - calls will be filtered by skipped parameter - those calls where records are available are missed calls with voicemail left.


Hi Yana, are you planning to introduce more way of getting info about voicemails? It is very inconvenient to have to check manually. Perhaps users could get an email if a new sound file was saved to the drive or any other system? It would be great to receive an mp3 recording in an email after it was left.
Thanks for the votes, not in the upcoming release.


This is so essencial. It amazes me how this is not available yet.
Hi Lucio,

Thanks for the vote.


+1 this also.

There needs to be an email sent to my agents, who are on the road 24/7, when they miss a call. Even putting that there is a voicemail left in that email would help.

There needs to be some notification to the email about an incoming call missed.
B24_11737845 , You are absolutely right.
It is weird how this is not yet in place. It is a very basic need for a company.
Thanks for the votes on the voice mail notifications option.


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