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Email and remembering contacts

Is it possible for the Bitrix CRM to remember a client if they have emailed previously, I know having read the Bitrix blog that it is possible to create a lead from an unknown email so
I am testing it today but will said lead be remembered if they send another email?

EDIT - Having tested the lead no lead has been created, please have a look at my picture that i have attatched, is there anything I can change in the email integration menu?
Edited: Danny Bolger - 03/14/2016 15:12:41
Hi Danny,

Please note that the lead should be sent from the email - new to the Bitrix24 system (meaning your Bitrix24 accounts), which means the email should not be among employees email addresses or existing CRM records - leads, contacts, deals, companies. Also you have 5 minutes check in the settings - meaning it will require about 5 min for the new lead to appear, you can set time check for 1 min as well.  If that is not the case, please contact our Helpdesk


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