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Calendar events are shifted, by an hour for certain team members all in the same time zone
Hello Bitrix support team,

we use viewable calendars via bitrix24 to synchronise and schedule our internal team meetings.
Since the summer time change (I presume), some team members have the problem that their online display of the calendar seems one hour off (too early).
I double checked their profile settings, which clearly stated "Yes, use browser settings" for the time zone. And their displayed time at the top also was correct. Only for some reason the events where shifted.

So I would still see the meeting correctly scheduled for e.g. 10:00, while two team members would see 09:00 in their calendar instead.

Please note, that one of the team members that encountered this problem online also uses outlook sync, which displayed all events at the correct time.

What else can we do to check the origin of this problem and fix it as soon as possible?
Edited: Patrik Brehm - 03/31/2016 11:38:52
Hi Patrick,

Please make each user has time zone set both in personal profile page & in the calendar. Otherwise please contact our Helpdesk. Thank you!


Hi Yana,

Anastasia from your support team pointed me towards some possible solutions. We all had automatic browser settings activated, which for some reason messed the timing up. Now I set it to UTC+2 Berlin time and everything is fine again. Thanks for the help!

Best regards,
 Good to know the problem is resolved. Thank you.


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