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Sending newsletter to multiple contacts without adding a deal

we have 500+ contacts in Bitrix CRM from different regions. Now we want to send a newsletter to a selection of the contacts (which span across multiple pages in the contact search result list).

Q1: How do I select contacts across different pages of the contact list? Is that possible? (I know I can display up to 200 per page)

Q2: B24 does not allow me to send the emails and throws me the following error message: "Please fill in the field 'To' or 'Deal'". Because it is a newsletter, there is no deal, which I would be able to attach. How is it possible to address multiple contacts without linking them to a deal? Do I have to move all contacts to leads?

In our company we're not using the complete crm functionality, just the database to store our contacts in.

Edited: Nils Elbert - 04/01/2016 10:15:45
Just an update, because I also posted this via a ticket and received an answer already.

Q1: Not possible yet.

Q2: My fault, I did not select existing contacts for the "to" field, but entered email addresses manually. If you select existing contacts fr om the CRM you can send emails without a deal attached.

Edited: Nils Elbert - 04/11/2016 16:11:25
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