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Department Email Queue and Help Desk, I need to know how to queue department emails to agents
I am new with using Bitrix. I am trying to figure out if this is something my company can use and so far so good. I am impressed. I signed up for the free version and I am looking to upgrade to the professional version but there are two things that my company really needs and cannot work without. So before I upgrade, I would like to know if you have the following.

1. I appreciate that I can integrate my company domain to bitrix24 and have individual emails for each employee. My company also has department emails such as It is really important for us to receive department emails and have them queued to agents that are available in the specific department. I like the open channels option but that is only for digital communications. Is there a way to achieve this in bitrix24. Is there an app that we can get that queues department emails to the agents. Please advise on a possible solution for this issue as I have not seen it in bitrix24.

2. My company needs a customer resolution desk/IT help desk. I know you have that in the self hosted version but is there a way to achieve this in the cloud version. Again, is there an app that might be able to have a help desk solution to the bitrix24 cloud version.

Thanks for helping
Hi Tiza,

1 - each user can connect 1 email address to Bitrix24 CRM via Settings > Email integration. Only 1 email address can be connected for each user.

2 - you're right. Helpdesk is available in the self-hosted version only.

I can recommend to contact one of our partners to see what they can possible propose as a customization.


Thank you very much for your response. I am talking to some of the Bitrix partners and it looks like my requests can be customized. Thank you very much.
Good to know  :)
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