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Organisation email, Initial info
I'm co-chair of a voluntary organisation and we've just started looking at whether Bitrix is a viable solution. We have a 9 person board that would use Bitrix, and our main aim is to move away from our current unreliable email provider with poor customer service. At the moment I'm not sure if Bitrix is a sledgehammer to crack a nut for the size of our team. I'm also not clear on whether we'd have to carry on using our current email provider. Individuals could use personal emails to access this intranet, but we'd still want an organisation address to send and receive mails. Is this possible?  

You can either connect your own email addresses to Bitrix24 or create email addresses provided by our partner

Please note that there are 2 ways of email use in Bitrix24: webmail connector (shows number of unread messages & redirects you to the webmail - another browser tab) and email integration with CRM.


Thanks Yana. Good news that we can use our organisation emails. What I still can't understand is if that would mean we still needed another email client. We're looking at alternatives to Zoho mail, but not sure if Bitrix serves as a mail client or if it is a portal via which an outside client can be routed.
it is a portal via which an outside client can be routed.
Yes, mostly. Though you can create mail addresses which can be operated in Yandex.Mail interface (you'll click on the Webmail option inside your Bitrix24 portal & a new browser tab with YandexMail interface will be opened for your account). BTW you can test this option in free plan account.

Alternatively you can connect any other mail client to Bitrix24.


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