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Notify Client of call recording (this call is now being recorded), Notify Client of call recording

I'm currently researching Bitrix24 for a small call center that currently uses a competitors cloud-based phone system. As per our approval and quality control standards, we require a verification portion of the call to be recorded. You hear a voice say "This call is being recorded"

Is there a solution within bitrix24 to match this feature of our current phone system? If so, how do I implement?

Hi Jonathan,

Sure! You can upload your tune in BPX connection settings page (very end of the configuration page - show more tunes).


Thank you Yana,

Another thing i'm looking into is having this setup as an "on-demand" action. The agent triggers the recording when reaching a certain "stage" of the call. Basically something similar to the on-demand call recording of RingCentral.

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