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How to mark notifications as read?
I have been experimenting with settings, and disabled "Auto mark notifications as read" in the chat settings menu. However, I now don't see any way to mark them as read. I can delete them, but that's not what I'm after.

Couldn't find any other references online... Does anyone know how to simply mark notifications as read? Thanks.

Yes, you can delete read notifications.


Hi Yana,

Thank you, but that's not quite what I was asking :-)

I can see that notifications can be deleted, but I can't see any way to mark a notification as read? I don't want to delete them - I want to keep that record - but I want the little notifications number to accurately show me the number of new notifications.

If I uncheck "Auto mark notifications as read", that number just keeps going up and up, and I can't find any way to tell the system that I've seen these notifications, and don't want to be reminded that they're there.

Does that make sense?

actually, I've got the same question as John.
Are there any news/answers on this? We would like to mark the notifications by ourselves, e.g. after vacation it could be much easier to get an overview of all notifications.

Best regards
Notifications should disappear after you either see them in your messenger > notifications, or, in case with notifications that require actions (e.g. confirm event attendance, connect folder, etc.) - after you select one of the suggested actions - confirm\decline.


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