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DKIM record generation, I need to generate a DKIM record for my Bitrix24-hosted email, but I cannot access Yandex Mail for Domain. How do I accomplish this?
I have my domain connected to my Bitrix24 instance, and I have generated many email addresses for my organization via this wonderful tool. Thank you for providing it! :-)

I have been having some issues with mail delivery and with other web-dependent services needing a DKIM signature. I have set up Yandex Mail for Domain for other organizations, and have also set up their SPF and DKIM records (Yandex makes this very easy), but I cannot figure out how to access Yandex Mail for Domain with my own account!

How do I log into Yandex Mail for Domain to generate DKIM records for my organization? Is there some other way to generate the needed record in Bitrix24?

Thanks in advance for the help! :-D
Hi Timothy,

Please check this or contact Yandex Mail support.


I think I may have been unclear: I have my domain connected in Bitrix24, and I need a DKIM record for my domain. My mailboxes are all generated from within Bitrix24.

How to I generate a DKIM record for my connected domain in Bitrix24?
Edited: Timothy Fry - 06/05/2017 06:22:13
Please contact our Helpdesk with this question. Thank you.


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