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create email accounts before updating mx records, Would help a lot if there were a way to create email accounts before switching MX records
I have about 50 email accounts I would like to move to the more integrated host.
Since our collaborators have emails from years ago, and I would like to create as little fuss in the migration as possible, I am wondering if it might be possible to create the email accounts before I change the mx records for the following reasons:
1)  I can do this over time, as permitted, and once done I could import the older emails into the new accounts.
2)  I can be sure all of the email accounts ARE created on the new hosting, so that incoming emails are not bounced back to the sender while I create all of them.
Please let me know.
I have already done the first step to validate the domain's ownership (file in root of webpage).
Edited: Jon Quiros - 08/20/2017 20:50:20 (clarity)
Hi Jon!

After the domain is connected, all new emails will be received by Yandex server, when all old messages to be left at your old server. Old mailbox folders won't be available, you will need to create new ones in your Bitrix24 Account Settings > Manage Email accounts. You will be able to manage mailboxes only from your Bitrix24 account.

Please contact our Helpdesk directly regarding for details, thank you.


Thanks Yana!
Will yandex have any problem with us importing old email from the previous imap server?  In some cases it may be several Gb's...but I see it says unlimited space.
Also-  as I am sure others have had this when migrating their own domain email-  how have others handled not being able to create mail aliases?
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