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Calee busy always, "Calee is presently a diferent call" this message we receive for all leads. I dont know how to sort the issue
This message comes "calee is presently on a different call" always and i have no idea how to solve that,, can any 1 help me to sort it thaknks
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Thank you for your inquiry. As part of our anti-fraud measures, outbound calls can be blocked for some locations. To unblock outbound calls, your account needs to be verified. Please kindly provide my colleagues with the following details:

-- Bitrix24 account URL you wish be verified: (e.g.
-- Are you the account owner? YES / NO
-- Your full name:
-- Your direct mobile number: (this number will be used for voice or SMS verification)
-- Your current location: (city, state, country)
-- Locations of your calling agents who use your Bitrix24 account: (if different from your location)
-- Scanned copy of your ID: (driver's license or passport)
-- Proof of residency: (any of the following containing your name and your current address: utility bill, cable bill, landline phone bill; housing lease or contract; mortgage statement or bank statement; vehicle insurance certificate)

IMPORTANT: This information should be submitted via email, along with your support ticket number.

We appreciate your understanding.
Looking forward to hear from you with a solution, so we can continue our work
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