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Email Notification, Change settings
Every new task and new notification or message automatically creates an email which is sent to the receiving user.

Is there any way to switch this off? notifications within the Bitrix system are sufficient for us to know a new task, message or appointment has been created for us by another user.... emailing the information as a backup is simply clogging our Outlook accounts with unwanted emails.

Hi, Spencer!
You can check your Subscription list in your profile. Is it set by default?

Email notification is sent by the messenger when an user is away from the portal and get a task, for example. If you're not authorized on your Bitrix24 portal and get a task or a message, notification will come to your email in 10 minutes.  

At the moment it's impossible to switch off the email notification entirely, but we've already added this feature to our "to do list".

Thank you for using Bitrix24!

Respectfully, Anna.
I totally agree - I do not want or need email notifications, as my team is on the system and can see their tasks daily.  No need to send them  or me unwanted emails.  We must reduce the amount of clusterf*** emails in our inbox.

Hi, Darin!

We've already added this feature to our "to do" list. The new email notification settings will be available in the nearest future.
Anna has this been implemented yet?  Have noticed Do not notify, however does this stop emails?
Hi, Matt!
We've had some primary tasks to implement. Our developers are working on this issue at the moment. We'll fix that.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Any luck fixing this yet?



Has this feature been implemented yet?

- Tez
Hi Tez & Martin,

Email notifications can be switched off in the notifications settings (you can open these settings from web or desktop messenger (settings icon>notifications>email)

I need to make many changes in a task plan (rename folders, etc.). Therefore to save people for drowning in notifications and emails I would like to disable that feature, make the changes and afterwards inform about the new structure by email.

Is there such an option available?
Email notifications can be switched off in the notifications settings (you can open these settings from web or desktop messenger (settings icon>notifications>email)

Can't seem to find this in 2017. Please help out by letting me know how to turn of email notifications, its clogging up our servers, and driving our team crazy ;)

Great system though, we love it!
every employee needs to apply these settings...

If I do mass (batch) changes I temporarily deactivate notifications in our self-hosted by following steps:
temporarily rename home/bitrix/.msmtp.rc

@Bitrix: A button in the backend would be more convenient
Thanks for the suggestion Florian!


An option to switch off all email notifications for all users would be VERY useful. We love Bitrix, but these minor issue really compromises the user experience. I´m using the premium web version.

Any news on it?


Each user can switch off email notifications in own account

Make sure you have Email column options disabled:


Thanks, Yana. Unfortunately this option is not sufficient.
Of course users shall receive notifications, if they all disable it's the opposite of what we want.

Just no. of notifications is much too high. So when I edit I would appreciate to have two options:
1. notify about changes (default)
2. not notify changes (because only observers added or typos corrected)

Please consider! Acceptance of Bitrix from users is directly related with amount and relevance of notifications. With 90 useless and 10 useful notifications they will not read anymore...
Thanks for the clarification Florian. We'll consider this scenario.


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