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Use of photos in feed, Can bitrix upload a photo from ipad iphone camera role and ins ert a thumbnail in to the activity feed.
We have a remote workplace that has a need for frequent photos to explain aspects of the job. I am trialing bitrix to see if the activity feed will allow these photos to be uploaded into the feed.
Basically i would hope (but cant yet figure out if it is possible) to be able to attach say a series of 5 photos to a task, which then appears AS THUMBNAILS within the activity feed. The thumbnails are essential as it facilitates the easy location and referral back to, images taken on certain days etc.
So far i have found the ipad app very flaky in regards to this. I have not yet tested it with an iphone.
The basic workflow would be this. The remote technician creates a new task , takes photos with his iphone related to this job, attaches them to the task which then ends up in the manager/supervisors activity feed. From there it is then a click on the thumbnail to bring up the high res photo for more detailed analysis/ feedback.

The problems i have experienced is that the thumbnail that appears in the feed is cropped. Being able to see a letterbox view of the photo.
Secondly , using the ipad camera roll to upload photos allows you to select multiple photos by ticking the images and then upload, but only one image uploads, making the upload of multiple images very time consuming and counterproductive.

Any insights into whether bitrix us capable of being more visiual would be appreciated.  
Hi Peter,

Unfortunately this option is not available now, but our Mobile app is organically growing with our Bitrix24 web platform, we do understand this feature importance and our Development Team plan to implement photos upload functionality asap.

As you may have noticed we are working hard to update our product with new sets of features and capabilities regularly.  We have launched Bitrix24 project in April 2012 and as you may see have already extended our basic version with a bunch of features such as group video calls, Company Pulse widget, Document editing and etc. Our team is aware of various Mobile Devices options necessity and plan to implement it in our Free Mobile App asap. Stay tuned for Bitrix24 Updates!

Kind Regards,

hello im neew to Bitrix, we are in retail business of Jewellery sales, i tryed adding products but i need photos for each product? is this a option adding a image to each product.
Hi Masar!

Images in products catalog are not supported yet. I've added your vote for this option.

Kind Regards,

We are in the final stage of evaluating BitRix24 and are very happy with the results so far except for 2 missing functions.
The main missing function is the one in this original post, the need to add images from a phone.
It is critical for us to be able to add images from our phones/pads into tasks or conversations.

We are an Agricultural machinery dealership and will use Mobile Tasks and Mobile Conversations to track machinery faults in the field and get our workshop staff to assess it from the images.

I will raise the second issue we need in a separate forum post but it is the lack of conversations in the mobile app
A solution to my issue of being able to include images fr om the phone would be to include Clients/Contacts in the message system wh ere you can take and include a photo from your phone. I don't understand why contacts are not include in the messaging system.
This way we can keep a running conversation going with the contact.
Is there anyway we can open the Meassaging system up to include contacts or is it strictly internal.
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